Cool Miniature Engines

Well, I think we can all agree, the sound of a V8 Motor is something to be admired, and what is even more interesting are these great engineers out there that have built replica motors but to a mode size, all these engines run and work just like the original motors.
I need to take my hat off to these people as their patience is unbelievable and their passion shows through their work.



I am sure there are many out there like me- that enjoy craftsmanship and attention to detail, and I thought I would post some super cool videos for you to have a look at and of course Listen to these micro motors.





How about this Flathead motor, sounds just like tone as well, awesome job.

This guy builds some really cool engines, not cheap but heck, this is art and engineering combined.

Another beautiful Flathead V8 and sounds just like it should.

These guys really are on another planet, just top quality all the way.

Blown Small block model, at Goodguys show.

Nitro Motor model sounds fantastic.




Steve Carpenter