Corona Diaries- The year of the Mask

Well, here we are, the weekend is almost upon us, things are still bad when it comes to Covid-19, this is a crazy time for us all, but- We have to live life and try and work the best that we can with what we have these days, and I hear from many Customers of their way to get through some of the lockdown and boredom, by working on their own projects in their Garage, barn, Shed or back yard.

I must admit, working with a mask on is hard, but lucky for me, I dont have people coming to my workshop to ask about parts, most will call, text or email about the issues they have with their ride.

I sure hope we find an antidote for this as I do miss riding with people and having a chinwag in person about pretty much anything two wheel related these days, but I shall continue to write a few blogs as I go along in life and share what I get up to in the garage.

I receive many orders in the day time and night, I think people sometimes believe that I work 24-7, and if I could, then I would, but I need my rest too, but, I do try my best at getting your parts to you as fast as I can but- due to this Virus, many places that I use are either closed or part time, so that holds me up in ceramic coating or steel supply etc.

So, if you can bare with me until this gets a little more manageable, I will en-devour to get your parts out of the door in a somewhat timely manner.

Be safe out there and hopefully we can get this Virus beat and all go riding like we love to, so- stay safe, stay positive and stay in the garage Wrenching.

Thank you so much for supporting me in this tough times we are experiencing in life.

Peace and Grease






Steve Carpenter

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