I’m still a Pencil and Paper designer but todays graphic Artists are pretty cool

I have always doodled since I was a youngster, I drew Motorcycles on anything to be honest, be it a Napkin on the table, the school folder or on an opened up chewing gum wrapper.

But todays graphic artists are on another planet, and Garinca Bali from Indonesia is no exception, I came across this Royal Enfield Custom he designed for a competition, and even though I have no idea how the heck that you do something like this, I admire the bloke, what a great skill.

Just thought that I would share today.

Always loved Solid Works etc but this is Art Station and boy you can do all sorts of creations with it.

Clever people that I have always admired, making visual and crisp creations from someone like me who give them a chewing gum wrapper sketch.

I think life would of been very different for me if we had this sort of software at school, but when i was at school all we had was a microfiche LOL!

So, if you are learning this Modern art of designing on a Computer, good on you, I love seeing stuff like this and hope someone can draw up a sketch of mine sometime so i can share it with others on the INTERWEB!



Steve Carpenter

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