My Newest Exhaust System The Predator for all SOHC CB750 Honda’s

Hey All

Well here we are again and wanted to try and bring you a custom set up that you may well like to have on your inline Four machine Honda.


Been here over 17 years and love turning out different parts for you all and I send my parts all over the globe, so this time I though a Custom exhaust system might be in order and here it is.


This is a Super Custom design and internally has a bag of tricks that a Magician would love to own, its secret but all you need to know is that it will give you More performance.

It will be available as a Raw Steel set up or as you see on here right now, a Custom Version where We send you the header and Wrap kit, and a Chromed rear tail section and removable Baffle.


We will also offer a Black Or Silver ceramic option too, so you have pretty much everything you need to decide on color and look etc.

You simply fit and have fun, as that’s what it is all about, this is a great set up and I know some of you will be right into this out of the bat.


No need for the old flanges and also on 77 and 78 Models, none of them terrible Half Moon shims to bother with, Just remove your stock spigots, fit New Crush Gaskets ( We offer them too ).

Fit to bike and hear the difference, this will breath like New lungs and boy does it look sharp.



I ship 6 days a week and also over sea’s. I help on the Customs forms too- so you do not get hammered on import taxes where you are not supposed to anyway.

Have a look and see what you think, this is a unique set up, as used by AMA Race bikes back in the day, I found the magic formula and this is the result, hope you like it.


Drop me a line at and I will give you all the information you might want to know about this great exhaust system, I am here to help and help I shall.

You can also drop me a Dime at: 714-598-8392 and, if you are still a little impatient, you can text me on that same number, how’s that for Service?


I have to chrome the tail sections so that take a week but other than that these are ready to go. Thanks for taking your time out of your day to check out whats going on here at carpyscaferacers I really do appreciate it.







Steve Carpenter

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