Few More Exhaust systems available for your CB500, CB550 and CB750 SOHC

Well, the old year is almost up, a New year just around the corner and to be honest, I am looking forward to it, new challenges but new idea’s and New parts to be offered for a number of machines, something that I do like to do and offer to everybody.

So, literally a Truckload of exhaust systems finished and some will be Ceramic coated and some will be Raw steel, as many like to paint or wrap them for them selves.

I ship all over the world and continue to help my Customers, I of course build the Motorcycles too, I make sure they fit and these do not leave my place until I am happy with them.

These systems are made right here in good old CALIFORNIA and I have been offering these for 23 years, affordable and work and sound awesome, a tried and tested formula that I have had many repeat customers.





Steve Carpenter

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