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Thursday run what ya brung was a fun evening to be had that’s for certain, I was amazed at how many people turned up for the event, we drove in at about 7pm and there were cars all over the place getting into the staging lanes.

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Once we parked, it is an easy walk to the track and to be honest- for spectators, this is a great vantage point to see racing from the whole length of the 1/8th mile.

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 There was so may entrants is was great to see so many different rides out there and the temperature was near on perfect for Racing.
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We walked the staging lanes and it was more packed than Superman in a kids costume.

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It was funny to hear people brown nosing their competitors, or hearing another bloke telling everyone how great his ride was and what it can do etc.

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I personally love the 50’s and 60’s era of the drags the Gasser wars are the best as these are just Bricks in shape but haul so much arse!!!

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The track was actually prepped for a change and only one issue all night , that’s quite rare.

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As they track now has advertising banners, the roar of the motors sound even louder as the sounds bounce off the walls.

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Plenty to see at the race and am glad that we went as it was fast and quite furious at times.

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This 55 was tough and is a regular at the track and is a dialed in machine. Reminds me of my old one I had back in the UK in 1996.


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Many different models are in the staging lanes and it was great to be able to stroll up and have a look at what they were running etc.

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This ride blew everyone’s mind, it is a 4 second 1/8th miler so he had to Slow down to 5’s here as the track runs out real quick, but boy was it FAST !!!

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Constant 6 seconds this machine and the old fella that drove it was grinning all the way.

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This was a tight ride and the thing just dug in and rode hard all the way down the track.

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Yep- running the devils time up here is a wee bit daunting for me.

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This fella ran his quad, high 8’s and low 9’s but he was having fun that’s for sure.

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Everyone’s delight was watching the local ice cream van roar up the strip, whilst playing his music and the crowd hollered hard, he took the race easily too.

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And the winner gets an Ice Cream !!!!

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Bikes ran too and at night I would find it a little bit unnerving but I love Motorcycles so much the fear for them goes away, this takes a lot of heart and determination for motorcycles as there is a bad bump on the right side of the track and if you get that lane, you will be sure to bang your chin on the tank Hard when you hit that point.

My little camera is not good at night but I thought I would add some videos for you to watch that I took.

It is always good to come and attend a local track as they need your support to keep people drag racing off the street.

We had a super night and am glad that I took my camera with me to try and share some of the nights events.

If you are ever in Southern California, try and check out Irwindale as it has a Dragstrip and Speedway circuit.

Have a Great weekend everyone.



Steve Carpenter