Kick Back Motorcycle show LONDON

One of the up and coming leaders in the European motorcycle shows these days is the Kick Back show in London, many builders come out to bring their best builds, many built at home in the shed.


Today, I wanted to share a few photos with you to let you see just a sprinkling of the creations that are around across the pond.


If you like motorcycles, then you will love this show as many styles and creations jump out at you, this show has a warm and friendly atmosphere and people from across Europe travel to see the bikes that are being displayed.


Many favorites of course but for me, this should be called Kick Arse!

What an awesome Triton, I’d love to hear this fire up, the Up-sweeps look great and so tightly fitted, great job.


This show seems to be taking a hold now and I am sure that the venue will just get more and more following in London and am so glad that so many shows have come up back home in the Smoke.


Cafe Racers, Brats, Bobbers, Choppers, Trackers and Customs are all sprinkled here at KickBack, hopefully one day I can revenuer back home and see them in real time.


Below, the Old Step through, many people had these back in the day, my brother has one and used it on the dirt roads as thats all we had when we were kids, so great to see these “old memory” Bikes making a come back.


Check out the Flying S Jap Suzuki- I had an AS 50 when I was 16.


So many cool builds and styles, something for everyone.


We have many shows here in the USA too and hope to feature them as and when they come up.


The choppers are always worth a look as none ever the same and I love the uniqueness of that.


This has had a lot of work to make it what it is and many just build these at home and as a hobby.


Above you can see that this FAT ATTACK Trumpy has had major surgery and the Brat/tracker look is really popular now and I would love to take this out.


I am sure that you will find a favorite here in these machines and I love the way the future of Motorcycle building is going.


I see many of these styles over here and I cant get enough of them, so continue wrenching everyone its a blast.


Not many specs that I can give as they didnt give any – But just enjoy the photos and hope that some of these bring a smile to your face today.


Beemers are very much sought after today and I can see more and more making the transformation from Stock to Custom and its good to see.


Two differently built machines but look great together, this is so much fun seeing so many cool machines being created.


Another Double Overhead Cam with old and New technology is something that always grabs my attention where ever I see one.kickback9 Above, I would so easily lose my license running around on this, it cry’s out to be ridden hard!


When I was 17 years old I had a GT500 and that thing would pull like a steam train, wish I had kept mine.


Cant stop loving the 70’s Muscles machines, unless you have ridden one of these, you cannot understand something called. “Power Band”.- But Look hard, what’s different about this Motor?


These Street trackers are popular now and I bet this is so much fun running around.


Great looking Sportster, I have an old 883 I shall play with later on.


Thanks for reading my Blog today, if you are in London in April this year, then Kick back is on again, make sure you can find time to check it out, if you do go, send us some photos, love to see it.




Just a few Video’s for your enjoyment today, have a great week.

Here is the 2015 Show Below.

And finally 2016 show, enjoy all my friends.



Steve Carpenter

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