Well a while ago I created this machine for a Customer from an old Snotter, the customer wasnt sure I could pull off the look with this motorcycle as it was in a right mess, but I assured him that I have no problems with the build and he will soon be riding the bike in his homes town.







This bike was rougher than sandpaper and even though the Californian Sun had weathered the crap out of it, I could see the potential in the ride.

My customer said he wanted me to make the bike Black and use the Fender ” F” somewhere as heis into guitars etc, hence the name the Black Falcon.

I stripped the bike in the back yard and got right into it as time was of the essence and needed this to be completed as fast as I dare go.

Down to the frame and smoothed all the old welds and checked for an cracks or imperfections, then off to be bead blasted and powder coated Black.

I Used aHarley rear wheel and laced to the 750 hub and used stainless spokes, and yes, the good old Spitfire tires is my choice.

Frame, swing arm and battery box are all high Gloss and wanted this to have a Stealthy look and think I acheived that.

Made the logo up and then repaired and painted the side covers and was happy at the end result.

I wanted to go the extra nine yards and cleaned up the gauges etc, I was the first to do CB750 gauge faces back then too.

Polished triple tree and new chrome 7/8 clubman bars look the part on this motorcycle, and I then used an old S.S. has tank, hammered the side and welded in the old gas flap on the top and filled and welded the arch at the rear of the tank, used a stainless gas cap and then sealed the inside before painting the tank with a deep black paint with checkers to break it all up.



Drilled the rear brake hub and fitted new shoes etc and a New 530 X-Ring chain, this is getting together rather nicely.


There is the Fender “F” the customer asked for .

I used y Duckbill seat base for this bike and am glad the way it turned out, all the lines seem to flow very well.

One of my Scorcher tail pipes that I make and this sounded awesome with a little over run and flame out at night.


Front and back shots to show you what she looks like in all her colors.

A nice looking bike with a rebuilt motor and some polished cases, sits really well.

I drilled the front rotor and polished the fork legs and then powder coated the brake caliper body to offset the rims.

Rebuilt carbs, custom starter cover and a drilled sprocket cover do the trick.

new 530 chain and sprockets make sure this bike gets along the tarmac smoothly.

Spitfire tire hugs the powder coated 19 inch front rim.

Cut the front fender as per customers request and painted it.

New chrome Diamond turn signals let people know where he is going and finned speed equipment on the cases from the 70’s.

new fork boots and clamps with rebuilt lowers make the front end handle very well in the corners.

I fitted a Neutral light and a Oil pressure light in between the gauges on a polished piee of aluminum and it really worked well.

Beeza tail light assembly sits in the back of the Duckbill and this bike is ready for the customer to take home.


A fun build and am glad the guy took a chance and we pulled the job off with time to spare.

Allen headed stainless bolts are all through this build.

Hope you like the way she looks, the gas tank was a last minute decision by me and I am really glad at the way she turned out.

Side covers tell people the name of the bike and I am glad at the look too.


ready to take the bike for a ride and this rode very well indeed as it was a fresh motor and all new wiring etc.

I will miss this bike, as everything went well on the build.


New rear shocks, prety much new everything adorns this Cafe Racer .




Thanks for looking at the Black Falcon Cafe, it was a fun time and the customer was really stoked to get the bike.



So now that was done, it was off to build more of the same model bike and something I always have fun creating on these 500 pounders.




Cheers for having a look at this Motorcycle and I hope to show more of my creations on my website.



Peace and Grease to you all.




Steve Carpenter