Fun times ahead at the workshop.

Well, a New year and New projects, I have a bunch of bikes that need to get running and then decide which way to go in the way of building and creating something cool from the shop but many different platforms are sat in the Barn, just awaiting some wrench time, but I do enjoy creating New rides.

I get many questions on how do I put in the Knee inserts on gas tanks, well, first off, I find a damaged tank, I don’t want to use a good solid undented gas tank, seem a shame to bash the crap out of it to be honest, so I usually have something about the shop or in storage that I can use and love to repurpose something that has been discarded, but I do use ear defenders as I have already got  Tinnitus from years of grinding metal, riding motorcycles with No ear plugs and going to many gigs and standing up front by the speakers.

I really enjoy making parts for the machines I build and of course offering it to customers too, its a noisy job but if it was easy, then everyone would do it right?

I have a few ideas for New parts this year, so keep checking back with me, also I hope to offer parts for different models and brands of Motorcycle, so I should be able to help you all, my Customer Service really is hard to beat compared to the many shops that have sprouted up recently, this is my career and my passion not just a business.

If its engine parts you need, drop me a Dime or Text on 714-598-8392 and I am more than happy to help you lot out with your project, this year should be a fun one and maybe I will meet some of you at an event?  I have built many Motorcycle over the almost 23 years I have lived here in Southern California and look forward to building many more.


The Hot Rod and Razor exhausts Now in stock, this is how they sounds too.



Steve Carpenter

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