The Vesco Honda now gets a Coat of Paint

Today was a good day, you know what its like when eventually things start to go to plan, albeit around the houses a little but I did get the end result that I was seeking and today I want to share with you how far I got on with the Vesco Honda CB750 Today.

I wired up the tail light assembly, and these can be no easy task at times, especially when the wires are different colors to the Honda version and no instructions of diagrams, I usually test the assembly on a battery before hand, just to save me from blowing fuses, I keep a few handy anyway, as there is nothing more frustrating than connecting something up on your harness, hot the switch and hear the Phhffft of a fuse blowing and a small small or burnt ether as you start to raise your own temperature and let out a few choice words that would make a Sailor Blush!
So, I wired up the rear tail light assembly, all works great now and, being a LED module, this will make sure that you will be seen in any weather condition and thats a good thing, especially having a strong braking tail light.
I fitted a new battery and leads and fuse box too and am happy at the result for now, remember, this is no show bike right now, I want to get her running to be able to asses the Honda to see what I will need to tear down and rebuild into a show bike, but its fun doing this and today was a good day.
The Gas tank looks so much better now, it was a sort of Maroon Oxide when I picked the bike up and I removed the gas cap neck and welded in a Harley bung, so the top would look a little smoother and more Custom to be honest.
But I was unsure as to what color to have on this bike as I dont really have a them for it, but though that I would go with a cool bright design and use smaller metallic/ flake with the old fish scales and shadowing thats so reminiscent of that 70’s back home in the UK and over here in the states.
As you can see, this really does brighten up the bike and I am happy that this is this color for now, doesn’t mean I will stay with this if I chose to build into a Custom machine but right now I am happy with the look and the side covers flow with the gas tank, thats very important to me and the outcome is pretty much how I first envisioned creating this 750 Four and we are almost there to take it for a test ride.
The Lester rims are tall and even though I am 5″11 I am almost on tip toes when I am sat upon this motorcycle, but I have tried to make the stance of the bike as level as possible, I believe I have achieved this look and my own Brand of Handlebars really do set the bike off better, something I am quite proud of to be honest.
The 4 into 1 of mine looks so aggressive with the tail pipe Cut down low and I wanted a short turn and exit to make this Brat bike something of a head turner, but I have still more little things to do and clean up.
The gas tank still needs to be sealed up as I ran gas through it and the bloody carbs blocked up dues to sediment in the gas tank from the flake in the paint, so I have now taken the gas tank to a radiator shop and they are going to seal the inside the tank and I should be good to go then.
The colors came out well and represent days gone by over the 70’s and I am pretty stoked at the outcome, and with a New petcock and throttle cables, this will last quite some time now.
The side covers are great, and I have just received the emblems to put on the covers, the 750 four script and the Diamond emblem below, so that will set the side covers off.
Obviously the bike needs to be taken down to the frame and all gone through later but I want some fun on it now and hopefully by the weekend, this will be ready to take for a run on the road and see how she is.
So, a little more bits and bobs to do but this bike has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time and I am really happy at the result and the guise of the Honda it is in right now.
Lester rims are Original Race ones from a CR750 I removed them from, front is a 1977 and the rear is a 1978, still need to fit new bolts and a speedometer cable tomorrow.
Sure looking forward to test riding this later on this week, its been sat since the mid 1980’s, so this will be quite a fun ride.
I have just received some side cover emblems too and they look really Nostalgic.



Steve Carpenter

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