Vesco Honda CB750, finally running and enjoying some miles.

Well, its been a fun journey just to get the bike into the guise that I wanted, its no show bike, but could be with more TLC, not sure where I am going with the bike yet but I gotta tell you, every time I fire a bike up that has not been started since 1983 and click it into gear, there is always that hesitant OMG what if, feeling, but I went through as much as I could and was sure this would be fine.

The mechanical Clunk you always get as you click first gear, I let the clutch out bravely but making sure my finger is covering the brake lever just in case something is not right, I pull out onto the tarmac for the bikes first ever ride in so many years.  Well, 35 years to be exact!

She pulled off very smoothly, transitioning through the gears effortlessly, I was watching the Tach, the speedometer and of course the Oil pressure gauge I had fitted, just to make sure all was functioning OK, and she surely was.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and finally 5th and the power was smooth, no shuddering at all, the Exhaust had its velvet tone barking away as I increased the revs, up to 4000 and sped up to about 60 mph on a straight away, the bike felt great, my New Handlebars were perfect for this stance and the seat actually was comfortable for being flat.

Brakes were fine, just a little adjust to the rear but I think the brake shoes are more than likely shiny, but a few hard stops will sort that out, but I rode around the houses here in La Mirada at a nice constant speed, watching the Rev Counter to see if there was any bounce or fluttering, but all was good.

I do need to replace the fork seals and will do that if I strip the bike and build into a show bike, but- for now, I want to put some miles under her belt and make sure everything is ok for the next 100 miles, so only another 96 to go, but fun ones no doubt.

It was a mighty fine feeling, having this bike run and to run really well, all the hard work paid off and I was smiling all the way around the roads I took as I felt good today, I guise a sense of achievement.

Still, she needs cleaning up but, I can do that later on and of course, the more I do to this Motorcycle, the more I shall want for it, but this Vesco Muscle Bike is a great looking machine and turns heads even now.

Not sure if I need to add a front fender yet, will see, a Bobbed one may look cool and stop crap hitting you in the face at high speed, but this is a great Bar hopper, so may no need one.

Plenty I can do to clean the bikes lines and appearance up but the main thing was to see how she ran and of course handled, and I really do enjoy riding this machine.

Hope you too have enjoyed the build on this old machine, I was not sure how I was going to go with the look, but I think on this particular ride, I made the right choice.

Price? Well I guess if I was forced to let it go, $5000 would be the price right now as she is.





Steve Carpenter

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