Some Videos for your Sunday enjoyment

Its a Sunday and I have a million things to do this weekend, what with Motorcycles to build, parts to make and orders to pack, its a busy weekend for me and thought that I would add some videos for you to watch of other bike shows and cool things to maybe get some of you to get in your garage and have a go at something.

Little snippets of great stuff to watch whilst you design and start your own projects, its fun to be able to have a go at your own machine and nothing better than when you first fire your ride up and sling your leg over something that you are passionate about.

Ever wanted to go to deals Gap? here you can from the comfort of your seat at home and when you have created your machine, take it here to enjoy the twists and turns of these canyon roads.

And now for a trip overseas and to Portugal for henry Cole and his Motorbike show, enjoy.



Steve Carpenter

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