Had a Visit from a Buddy on his 1946 Flathead.

Always cool when friends stop by to say hello, especially when they are aboard a 1946 Harley Davidson WL45 Flathead Motorcycle, I love these machines and they are such an iconic Motorcycle.

Fires right up and plugs along quite happily around where we live, perfect winding countryside roads for this machine to Blap around.

Dan has the Bags for them and maybe next time I see him, they may be on board and I can take a few photos, but even as a naked bobber, this really is the bees knees.

Hot Rods and Bobbers were a big deal after WW2 and to see my Roadster and this WL45 sat together is really such an iconic photograph of the era I so much love.

Great to see ya and chin wag for a while, safe trip my friend.



Steve Carpenter

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