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Happy Tuesday Everyone

Rice Boiler


Fast approaching the 18 year Milestone here at Carpy’s Cafe Racers and have always enjoyed what I do here in Sunny California, and today is another great day and seeing as its Blog Tuesday, just wanted to than you all for purchasing from me and all the great emails and phone calls that I receive from you.



Trying to make New parts as well as sell the Classic ones too, I listen and if I get enough interest then I try and make the parts happen and so far it has worked out well.


So if you need Handle bars, to seats, to great Exhaust systems, I am here for you and once again thank everyone for all your support I really appreciate it.

Have a Great day and look forward to maybe one day meeting you at some of the shows we shall e attending this year, off to New Jersey in March, should be a Blast.





Steve Carpenter

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