Mooneyes Christmas Party 2016 Irwindale

I got to work and noticed some fog and gray clouds looming as I opened my shop on a Saturday Morning, but- None the less, today was the annual Christmas Party that Mooneyes host at Irwindale drag strip and it is a not to be missed event for me, mainly because it is an awesome time for me to meet many friends from all over the place and get to ctach up on how they are doing etc.

Pulling the Triumph out onto the Road and firing her up was a good feeling as the trip is only up Three Highways and about a 35 minute ride, although as its close to Christmas now, plenty of traffic and a sharp eye was needed to watch out for cars trying to cut lanes at the last minute.

Time flew by pretty fast as I cruised at about 80 all the way and mostly in the car pool lane, my idea of that is that it is the safest route to take, being that there is a Divider wall to my left, so only things in front of me and to the side have a chance of getting me, as opposed to riding in the middle lane and being open to all and sundrie.

As I pulled off the 605, I could see the line of traffic that were waiting to get into the drag-strip area, I knew that some people had actually arrived at 3AM- for them to get a good space and enjoy the hundreds of Vehicles that attend this Hot Rod and Custom extravaganza every year.

Being on a Two wheeled machine does has its advantages, as I rolled on by everyone and right up to the entrance with no wait at all, and that’s a nice feeling for sure as some of these poor buggers had been sitting a long time in traffic.

As I pulled in to the event I could see the Sea of multicolored vehicles that were lined up similar to a Chinese military show, but that’s the only comparison to that as everyone was smiling, laughing, cooking, drinking and even dancing, and I knew today’s event would be a blast.

Most years that i have attending this show has always been cold, windy and a few ties it has been raining its arse off, and, as I left my shop in the fog, I thought to my self. “Oh no not again” But I was mistaken, as pretty much as soon as I got off my steed, the sun was coming through the clouds and could feel its warmth as I approached the entrance to the show.


I have no idea how many vehicles turned up, predominately it was Chevy and Ford, but had a sprinkling of Dodge, Chrysler, Studebaker and even Volkswagen’s were there in many guises.


I took about 60 odd photos with my I-Phone until my Battery decided to tell me on that phone that it was time for it to shut down and have a melt down, but I did get many cool shots and wanted to share them with you.

I get many people from all over the globe check my blogs out as a lot of us do not just have an interest in Motorcycling, it covers a vast spectrum of interests from Hot Rodding, Drag racing, to Low Riders and Full Custom Machines.  there was plenty to see and, if you can ever get to Southern California and check out @mooneyeschristmasparty you will be amazed at the fun you will see.

So much to see and I hope you like some of these photos that I have taken, there would of been many more if my battery hadnt died on my phone, but enjoy all of you.

The weather turned out awesome to be honest and I am met many friends that I had not seen for a long long time, so glad that I ventured out to Mooneyes Christmas Show as it never fails to be entertaining as so much is going on there and always different cars, Rods and Motorcycles to check out and people are more than willing to tell you all about what they have done.

So many different styles of machines and to be honest I wish I had enough Battery to show all the drag racing that was going on all day as that was so cool to hear Motors flat out on the 1/8th.

Many of these I have not seen before and it was great chatting to all the owners and finding out what they did to heir ride, where they are from and some even gave me some great contacts for vintage parts etc.

That Green Roadster was a Raffle Car a few years ago at Ventura and boy what a sweet ride that is, the guy who won it only had ONE $20.00 ticket and he won the ride, so awesome.

Next up is my mate Becky Sue from Anaheim Rod & Custom, a really cool Girl and great family and Hot Rod shop, so glad she got to drive her Comet. Great Job Becky!

Few more video’s this time the cars coming down the side of the track after their runs on the 1/8th mile at Irwindale.

Awesome Sling shot as it cackles its way to the pits.



Steve Carpenter

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