Picked up 6 CB750’s today

Sometimes I get a call asking if I could clear out a garage or back yard as it has a motorcycle in it, this time it was 6 CB750’s, so what closed the deal was it was free but a friend of mine I have known many years and helping him out was the least I could do, and as he was less than 4 miles from me, I took the big G F250 out there and loaded up and bought the bikes home. I dont like to have to many as the place gets jammed packed but, its hard to not when it is so close to home.

To be honest, I can never really turn bikes down, especially CB750’s as I have had over 150 of these over the years and parts are always good to have handy, so I could not say no to this fella and help him out of a predicament too, these were in the back yard of his place, so a huff and a puff as some had flat tires etc but, determination is always key here and I wanted to get these home to eventually be used as another build. Once I get the Barn doors completed I shall space in the workshop to haul these up there and find a corner to rest them up together.

I have always enjoyed coming up with another build, they do take time and of course money, but when you hear them fire for the first time in many years, its something you get quite a buzz from, I get many texts or emails from Builders and customers who tell me that they just got their machine to run and I feel so stoked for them as I understand the euphoria that they feel when they first time you hit the starter or kick the kick starter and the engine coughs into life.

These are getting harder to find in back yards these days, I remember at one point I had 25 CB750 Honda’s in my back garden and driveway about 20 years ago and I have built every one of them over the years, so I was quite stoked to have these and bring them home. But don’t want the place to look like a junk yard so have to hold back on other stuff I have been offered.

Nothing super rare like sandcast etc here, but a couple of K1’s of which I have always liked anyway as never was a fan of the Ko with the Big side covers etc, there is no rush to do anything with these 500 pounders, so just unload and put them up in the Barn later until I come up with a build plan for them.

I have spent a lot of my life with Motorcycles and finding new stuff is always fun, just bringing them back with a plan of getting these to be back on the road in one form or another is always a challenge that I quite enjoy.

I have some Motors to look at tomorrow, so who knows what I may bring home, the hunt is half the fun and even though they are what I call snotters, parts are always handy to have when building machines.

So now is the time to unload these and see what is there and then I can mentally remember what these are as I store them and know that I have a choice of frames and years if I get into creating a new Build that will turn into something head turning, its hard to refuse when you build motorcycles and parts for a living, some will get it, many will not and think its some disease etc. LOL!

Of course, if I do start a creation, I will be sure to post on the website and share with you lot as many of you ask what I am up to these days and I thank you for that, I will be making more new parts too, so keep checking back on the website to see what’s going on, I do like to post blogs too and give you lot something to read.




Steve Carpenter

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