Sturgis Honda still in the planning, but making some headway.

Rome was not built in a day and the same goes with this old inline four Honda CB750 machine, it is a wee bit of a head scratcher as so many things I am trying out, some work, some do not, but I guess that is the adventure in stepping into the unknown, when it comes to fitting non stock parts to a well known brand.

Well, the 230 pound inline 4 Motor is finally in and I tell ya, having a girlfriend that drops everything and gives you a hand, manipulate this arse grape giving engine into its cradle, well, its a blessing I tell ya, what a girl. We managed to get this motor in the frame area as I cut the old rails out and am making them removable.

The Lump is in place, it will be taken out later when I get to strip it all down and work on the frame for welding and I think I shall paint it, but right now I have no clue on color yet and am glad we got the motor to sit in this old Duplex cradle chassis, but so much more to do now.

This is an old KO Die cast Motor and this time we have lightened the flywheel and will not be using a starter Motor, it will be kick only, but should save some weight on the starter alone.

You can see the frame rail that is removable, I will strip the bike later and paint but I wanted to show you my own Custom oil tank that I want to use, instead of the ugly factory version.

This is roughly where I will fit the Oil tank, it also has a Battery box in the rear, this will house an 8 cell anti gravity battery and open the frame up, as I didn’t want to have stock oil tank and side covers on this build. This oil tank will fit snugly under the frame and I am stoked to be able to incorporate this set up . And so, we plod along, trying this and that, until I am happy with the way the build is going, no idea on color yet or rims etc but will sit down on the weekend and try and write up some sort of game plan for this Sturgis Bound Motorcycle.





Steve Carpenter

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